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Inspection Services

The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology's Inspection Team provides four (4) types of inspection functions to deliver consumer protection services. The goal of the Inspection Team is to "protect the public health, safety, and welfare through inspection services and by ensuring compliance with the laws governing cosmetology".

The Inspection Team provides Routine Inspections, Consumer Complaint Inspections, Compliance Review Inspections, and Salon Opening Inspections.

Routine Inspections verify individual and salon licensees are in compliance with licensing and infection control laws and regulations. This inspection is performed at random and typically last anywhere between 10-30 minutes. This inspection verifies that individuals and salons are properly licensed. Being properly licensed means that the individual providing the beauty-related services has passed at least a minimal competency test which ensures the licensee has demonstrated knowledge of infection control procedures and minimal competency in the services he/she is delivering. This inspection also verifies that licensed individuals and salons are following infection control procedures.

Consumer Complaint Inspections are performed when a Consumer Complaint is filed. This type of inspection occurs shortly after a complaint has been reviewed. For more information, please visit our Consumer Complaint Information page.

Compliance Review Inspections are conducted within twenty-one (21) days after a violation of a NRS or NAC has been found during a Routine Inspection. This type of inspection is a follow-up inspection from a Routine Inspection that resulted in a Compliance Review being issued. This inspection only re-inspects the specific area(s) that needed improvement to ensure that the licensed individual or salon has corrected the violation(s) which led to the issuance of a Compliance Review.

Salon Opening Inspections are required before a salon can open and a Salon Application should be submitted at least twenty (20) days before the new salon's scheduled opening date. However, we may be able to assist with alternate time frames when feasible. This inspection is scheduled between the Inspection Team and the salon owner or salon representative. For more information on opening a salon and the applicable requirements, please visit our How to Open a Salon page.

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