Consumer Complaint Process

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File a Consumer Complaint through the online Consumer Complaint Form.

The Consumer Complaint will be reviewed by Compliance Staff to determine if the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the Board.

Complaints within Board jurisdiction are investigated by Compliance and Inspection staff. Disciplinary action is issued accordingly to licensees and/or salons.

Follow up by checking our "Verify a License" page to view recent disciplinary action issued to a licensee and/or salon.

Consumer Complaint Information

When a consumer receives or knows of an unsafe, unsanitary, and/or unlawful beauty-related service being provided, a Consumer Complaint Form should be completed in order for a Consumer Complaint Inspection to be performed.

Before a Consumer Complaint Inspection can be performed, the complaint details are reviewed to determine whether the alleged violations are within the jurisdiction of the Board of Cosmetology. The Board of Cosmetology was enacted for consumer protection, not the art of styling. Therefore we cannot investigate complaints against the competency of an individual that delivered poor quality service unless the questionable competency (or disregard of proper procedures) lead to an injury.

Once a complaint has been determined to be within our jurisdiction a Consumer Complaint Inspection is performed and/or a letter notifying the individual or salon about the complaint is mailed. In the complaint notification letter, the individual or salon representative is provided a link to the Consumer Complaint Response Form. This form allows the individual or salon representative to respond to the filed Consumer Complaint.

The consumer complaint, the complaint response from the individual and/or salon representative, and the report results from the Consumer Complaint Inspection are reviewed. If no probable cause of the violation is found at the time of the inspection, the complaint will be closed. If probable cause is found at the time of the inspection, the individual and/or salon may be issued a violation and/or may be summoned to appear before the Board for an Administrative Law Hearing.

After a complaint investigation has been completed, a complaint status update will be provided by letter. It will be provided to the individual that filed the complaint and to the individual or salon representative that the complaint was filed against.

File A Consumer Complaint 

If you experienced unsafe and/or unsanitary services, we would like to hear from you. Please complete the online Consumer Complaint Form. If you received unlicensed services and/or you are aware of unlicensed activity, please complete the online Consumer Complaint Form.

If you are wishing to file a complaint based on the quality and/or design of the services provided, we are unable to assist you. We are a health and safety regulatory board. These types of complaints are handled by the small claims court of your jurisdiction.


Consumer Complaint Form

The online form below is for individuals and/or salon owners that have had a complaint filed against them.

Consumer Complaint Response Form

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