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Testing Information


The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology Specialist Team oversees the administration of three tests: a theory test, a state law test, and a practical test. All three tests are offered daily at both Board Locations. Please visit our General Testing Information page for more information.

The theory test is designed to establish that the individual has met the minimum competency standards to deliver safe and clean services within a specific profession and that the individual is knowledgeable in infection control procedures. Theory Test Outlines are available for the test content breakdown by subjects.

The theory test is required for:

1- Individuals that do not have a license in another state or jurisdiction; and/or for

2- Individuals that have completed beauty school or an apprenticeship program but do not have a license in another state or jurisdiction.

Applicants must pass the theory test with a 75% . For more information, please visit our Theory Test Information page.

The Nevada State Law Test is designed to educate the professional entering Nevada of the laws and regulations governing the State. The online Nevada State Law Practice Test is available in EnglishSpanishVietnameseKorean, and Simplified Chinese. The Nevada State Law Test is required for all individuals obtaining their first Nevada license. For more information, please visit our Nevada State Law Test Information page.

The practical test is offered to individuals that do not have a license in another state or country but have completed training hours in a beauty school outside the State of Nevada. Students trained at a beauty school licensed in the State of Nevada complete the practical test requirement at that school. The practical test is designed to measure the individual's minimal competency to safely perform the physical service that is being administered and that infection control procedures are being followed. For more information, please visit our Practical Testing Information page.

Testing Fee

1st Test Attempt- $125.00

2nd Test Attempt or More- $95.00

2nd Test Attempt or More for Hair Braider- $110.00

Application to Schedule Theory, Practical, or State Law Test(s)

If you are a graduate from a Nevada licensed beauty school, please visit your school to schedule for the test electronically. Or, you may complete the paper Individual Application.

If you have out of country or out of state hours, but no license, please complete the Individual Application to schedule for the test.

If you went to a school in Nevada that is now closed, please contact us at

Identification Required

Testing applicants need to provide two (2) valid forms of identification. One form of identification must contain a photograph and be issued by a government agency. The other form of identification can be a debit/credit card or any other document used for identification purposes. The names must match on both forms of identification used.

Arriving on Day of Test

Testing applicants should arrive 20 minutes before the starting time of the test. For example: if the test is scheduled for 10:00 am, please arrive by 9:40 am.

Dress Attire

Testing applicants should dress in casual attire. Electronic devices (smart watches, cell phones), hats, sunglasses, and over-sized jackets are not allowed during testing.

Locker Availability

Lockers are available for testing applicants to store personal belongings. This service is free to use.


Testing applicants are permitted to bring bottled beverages.

Testing Information

For more testing information, please visit our Theory Test, Nevada State Law, or Practical Test information pages.

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