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Test Day

Where Do I Take My Test?

Written exams are taken at a Pearson Vue Testing Center.

What Do I Bring?

Please refer to the information provided to you by Pearson Vue.

What to Expect & Important Test Day Information

Tests are timed.

Test questions are multiple choice and/or “true or false”.

You will find out your “pass” or “fail” score from Pearson Vue.

After Passing Your Exam

A license fee is due before your license is issued.

You will receive an email when your test scores have been processed with a link to pay for the license.

$70 for 2 years (License will be issued for at least 2 years and will expire on your birthday.)

$140 for 4 years (License will be issued for at least 4 years and will expire on your birthday.)

Some schools will pay for your first initial license fee! Check with the school you attended.

If the Exam is Failed

A $95 retake fee is required to reschedule. You must fill out a retake form on our website.

You will only be required to retake the portion that was failed.

(EX: If you pass the law exam, but not the theory exam, only the theory exam will need to be retaken.)

*The day you pay for and are issued your first license is referred to as your “Initial License Date.”

Click on the Student Resources button to view Practical, Theory, and State Law Testing Information.

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