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Selecting a School

Schedule a School Tour

A school tour should include a walkthrough of the establishment, explanation of tuition, payment options, class schedules, curriculum, and will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about enrolling in a program at that school.

Get a Service

Consider getting a service at the school you are thinking of enrolling in. This will allow you to get a first-hand experience of how students provide services and are taught by instructors at this school. A simple service of a manicure, makeup service, or shampoo/style service could provide you with assistance in making your decision of which school you would like to attend.

Things to Consider

• Class Sizes - Do the class sizes accommodate your learning style?
• Products - What products are provided by the school? Will you be required/encouraged to sell retail products?
• Moral/Attitude - Do students seem happy? Busy? Confident? Technically capable in providing services? Supported and guided by instructors?
• Location - Is there walk-in accessibility? Does the location attract clientele? Do you feel safe at this location? Is there student parking?
• Instructor Experience - How experienced are the instructors? How long have they been teaching?
• Number of Instructors on Staff - Per NRS 644A.735, each school of cosmetology shall maintain a staff of at least two licensed instructors and one additional licensed instructor for each 25 enrolled students.
• Specific Study - Does the school’s curriculum concentrate on the field of cosmetology you are interested in? Is the school skin, nail or specialty-focused?
• Schedule Options - Are night school, weekend, or part-time schedules offered?
• Placement Rate - What is the rate of which students obtain employment after graduation and licensing?
• Pass Rate - What is the passing percentage for State Board testing?

Click on the Student Resources button to access a List of Schools in Nevada.

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