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Mobile and In-House Salons

Mobile Salons

In Nevada, most salons are located within brick and mortar buildings, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the option of going mobile with an RV or motorhome. Your mobile salon needs to be self-contained, which means that everything you would find in a regular salon, needs to be found in your mobile salon. 


Every mobile salon must contain the following:

  • Securable cabinets

  • Dispensary sink (handwash sink located outside of the restroom) 

  • Anchored equipment (chairs, sinks, etc.)

  • Interior must be 7’-8’ wide

  • Holding tank with 100 gallons of fresh water

  • Holding tank that can support 100 gallons of gray water 

  • Hot water holding tanks with a minimum capacity of 6 gallons

  • Restroom (with toilet)

  • 5-pound fire extinguisher

  • Electricity generator with a 6,500-watt capacity 

  • Outside ventilation 

  • Heater(s) that can maintain an interior temperature of at least 70℉


A few more things to consider… 


The cost of a 2-year mobile salon license is $200. 

Before your initial inspection you'll need to provide the follow documents to the Board: 

  • Copies of work permits or approvals from each county and city of operation granting the owner of the mobile salon permission to conduct mobile cosmetology services;

  • Copies of letters of compliance from city, county and state agencies governing applicable plumbing, electrical and fire codes

No matter how skilled you are in the practice of cosmetology, you may not perform services while the vehicle is in motion. 


While we’re sure your new mobile salon is pretty enough to call home, don't. Living out of your salon is strictly prohibited. 


Still interested? Here’s the link to the salon application. If you have any questions along the way, email us at

In-Home Salons

The only thing better than going into work and doing what you love is, well, doing what you love and not going into work!


If you can say “yes” to all of the requirements below, consider opening an in-home salon. 


In-home salons must have all of the following:

  • All rooms in the salon must be completely and permanently sealed off from living space

  • All exits and entrances to the salon must be completely separate from the exits and entrances to the home

  • Operational restroom

  • Dispensary sink (a hand washing sink not located within the restroom)

  • Heating and air conditioning

  • A ceiling at least 8’ high

  • Signage outside of the salon with the name of the salon establishment 


Some things to consider…


The fee for a 2-year license is $200. 


Inspectors will stop by 2-3 times per year to make sure the salon is up to snuff. Salon inspections are mandatory, so if you’re not comfortable with inspectors dropping in unannounced this may not be the license for you. 


If you have a homeowners association (HOA), give them a call before submitting an application to us. The same goes for the Office of Planning and Zoning. If either your HOA or the Office of Planning and Zoning says you can’t have a home-based business, we have to say no too. Sorry!


Still interested? Here’s the link to the salon application.

If you have any questions along the way, drop us at line at and we’d be happy to help!

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