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Letter For Credit Hours

If you earned hours from a previous school in or outside of this State, those hours may be used towards a new enrollment. Previous hours that have been verified can be used towards a new program, they are submitted to the school of your choosing by requesting a Letter for Credit Hours. The Letter allows the school to credit those hours towards your new enrollment. To have your hours verified, please visit one of our offices with all of your original transcripts with a breakdown of hours.


Hours from an incomplete enrollment are valid for 4 years from the last date of attendance. If your prior hours meet the 4 year requirement, contact the school you wish to enroll in to inquire about their policies regarding accepting a Letter of Credit from the Board.


Incomplete hours obtained over the 4 year mark from the last date of attendance are considered expired and cannot be used. If your prior hours have passed the 4 year requirement, you must complete the full required amount of hours to complete your program.

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