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Felony Information

Applicants with felony convictions must provide additional documents when submitting an application for enrollment or a license. The application and the felony conviction documentation will be reviewed, and a decision will be communicated to the applicant within fourteen (14) business days after this form is submitted.

All applicants with a felony conviction must write a letter to the Executive Director explaining the incident and what they have learned from it. Applicants convicted of a felony that includes acts of violence may be reviewed by the Board at a Board Meeting for enrollment or application approval.

The following documents must be provided in addition to the letter, application, and application requirements:

  • A Final Court Order
  • If a Final Court Order is unavailable, an Initial Court Order with the current case status is required; and

  • If the applicant is on parole and/or probation, a letter indicating the applicant's current parole and/or probation status is required.

No felony crime automatically prevents an individual from licensing. Applicants with a felony conviction must receive prior Board approval before enrolling at a school in Nevada or applying for licensure.

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