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Scope of Practice

A licensed apprentice is an individual that is learning a cosmetology-related occupation in a licensed salon. Individuals may apply for an apprenticeship program with Board if the individual will learn at a salon that is sixty (60) miles away from the closest licensed beauty school.

Apprentice programs are available for the following license types:

  • Cosmetology

  • Esthetics

  • Electrology

  • Hair Design

  • Nail Technology


How to Get Licensed

If you are just starting to research a career in the cosmetology industry, please visit our Student Resources page for more information. Individuals that are interested in an apprenticeship should first locate a licensed salon that is willing to provide on-the-job training. Please note, the salon must be sixty (60) miles from the closest licensed beauty school.

Once you have located a salon that will provide training, an Apprentice Application is submitted and reviewed by the Board. Once approved, a license is issued and training can begin.

The required hours for each apprenticeship program is:

  • Cosmetology (3,200 Hours)

  • Esthetics (1,200 Hours )

  • Electrology (1,000 Hours)

  • Hair Design (2,000 Hours)

  • Nail Technology (1,200 Hours)

Time cards are required to be submitted by the apprentice and salon on a monthly basis. This tracks the documented progress of the apprentice.

Once you have completed the required hours, the apprentice can apply for the licensing test by submitting an Individual Application. You must be able to provide training documentation from the salon to be eligible for the tests.

In order to obtain a license in Nevada, you must pass the theory, Nevada State Law, and practical tests. You must be able to provide beauty school transcripts or documentation to be eligible for the tests. A license is issued once all three (3) tests have been completed with a score of 75% or higher.

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