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Advanced Esthetics

Advanced Esthetics

Advanced esthetics is the practice of advanced esthetic procedures in addition to the practice of esthetic procedures. 


This page contains the most up-to-date advanced esthetic information. Please check back regularly as information will be added to reflect updates to the licensing requirements, applications, and regulations governing the practice of advanced esthetics.

Scope of Practice

Per SB 291, “Advanced esthetic procedure” is defined as any of the following procedures performed for esthetic purposes and not for the treatment of a medical, physical, or mental ailment:

1. Exfoliation;

2. Microdermabrasion and related services;

3. Microneedling;

4. Dermaplaning;

5. Extraction;

6. Hydrotherapy;

7. A nonablative* esthetic medical procedure; or

8. Other similar esthetic preparations or procedures with the use of the hands or a mechanical or electronic apparatus.


* “Nonablative esthetic medical procedure” means an esthetic medical procedure that is not expected to excise, vaporize, disintegrate or remove living tissue."

Advanced Esthetics Frequently Asked Questions

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