How much is tuition?


Is it comparable to other schools in your area?


If the tuition is more than the average tuition for your area, what are the extra benefits that this

school has to offer that justify the extra cost?

Average Tuition Cost in
Northern Nevada:
Cosmetology - $19,687.5
Hair Design - $15,562.5
Esthetics - $14,005
Nail Technology - $8,168.5
Average Tuition Cost in
Southern Nevada:
Cosmetology - $17,570.63
Hair Design - $15,053.67
Esthetics - $14,044.43
Nail Technology - $7,660.67

Other Potention Fees

Does the school charge an application fee to apply or enroll in school? If you decide not to attend, is it refundable?


What is the “Kit Fee” for your tools, instruments, and implements you will be provided with to use in school?


Does the school charge a “Drop/Withdrawal Fee” if you decide to withdraw from the program and not attend or complete?


Does the school charge overtime fees if you take longer to graduate from the program than expected or scheduled?

If so, is this one single charge or multiple hourly charges? If this charge is hourly, how much is charged an hour?


Is the full amount of tuition owed after you attend a certain amount of hours?


Does the school charge for the Practical Testing Kit required for the Practical Test before you graduate?

Payment Options


How does the school accept payments?

Is the school accredited and able to accept financial aid?

Financial Aid Options



Free Application

for Federal Student Aid

Student Loans

Borrowed/loaned money to help pay for college or career school.

You must repay your loan.

Be sure you understand your options and responsibilities.


Free money to help pay for college or career school for those who qualify.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards ensure that you are successfully completing your coursework and can continue to receive financial aid. All students receiving financial aid are required to meet SAP standards.

Scholarship Options


Find beauty school scholarship information here:


Look into local scholarships in your area.

Ask about in-house beauty school scholarships offered at the school you choose to enroll in.