Test Scheduling

When to Schedule Testing


See your school’s registrar or appropriate staff to schedule your test within fifteen (15) days in accordance with NAC 644A.673 after you graduate, have passed your practical exam, and have completed your academic and financial obligations to the school you have attended. You will also receive a text message from the Board office when you are eligible to schedule.

Exam Fees

$125 total ($15 application fee + $110 testing fee)
$95 retake fee – if applicable

How to Schedule Your Test

Submit a student testing application with your school.

The application requires the following steps:

Update your personal information.


Answer the questionnaire.


1. Are you subject to a court order in regards to child support?

  • If so, are you current with the court order? If no, please contact the Board before submitting your application.


2. Are you a US citizen?

  • If not, in what country are you a citizen? When does your work authorization (Permanent Resident Card/"Green Card" or ITIN) expire?


3. Have you and/or your spouse served or currently serve in the military?

  • If yes, please provide service information.


4. Have you been charged with a felony?

  • If yes and not approved prior, please contact the Board before submitting your application.

Selecting a test date and time.


Choose between Las Vegas or Reno locations.


Select a date. (Monday through Thursday, except holidays.)


Select a time. (8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm, or 3pm.)


Make your payment. ($125)

Documents to be Provided:


1. Passport-quality photo

White background, facing forward, no hats or sunglasses. A selfie is acceptable!


2. Copy of a government-issued photo ID:

Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID

All government-issued photo IDs must be in your current name.

All government-issued photo IDs must be current/active and cannot be expired.


3. Work Authorization Document:

Social Security Card, Valid ITIN Number, Permanent Resident Card/Green Card, Work Visa.

If You Require Special Accommodations or a Reader for the Test


At the time of submitting your application, please supply the Board office with a copy of an IEP (Independent Education Plan) or a letter from a doctor stating the accommodation that may be needed. You will need to contact your local Board office to setup a test date and time for certain accommodations if available.