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Understanding the Board

The Board's Purpose

The mission of the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of those that obtain cosmetology related services through the delivery of quality Testing, Licensing, Inspection and Education Services that focus on consumer protection.

Our purpose is to protect the health and safety of the public who obtain professional cosmetology services in the State of Nevada.

Under the authority of Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code, the Board of Cosmetology provides consumer protection by only licensing qualified professionals measured by standardized tests that prove competency in infection prevention and scope of practice understanding.

The laws and regulations that enforce consumer protection are the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 644A and Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 644. The laws and regulations are approved by the Nevada State Legislature, the Board Members contribute to the democratic process by formally addressing complaints, violation appeals, law and regulation revision reviews, and determining proper disciplinary action for unsafe practices at Board Meetings.

The Board

The Board is structured within the Administrative Department of the Nevada State Government. The Governor of Nevada appoints members to the Board. Board Members are appointed to serve for a four (4) year term, a member may only serve two (2) full terms.

Board Members

The Board Members participate in at least four (4) Board Meetings per year. At the Board Meetings, members review complaints, violation appeals, review law and regulation revisions, and interact with the public. You are able to attend Board Meetings or watch them live from our website!

Board Staff

The Board Staff oversees and performs the operational functions related to testing, licensing, and inspection services.

What We Do

The Board protects consumers through our testing, licensing, and inspection services. Through our testing services, we administer a national computerized theory test to prospective licensees and a 25-question state law test. The theory test validates that the applicant is knowledgeable in infection control procedures to reduce the risk of the spread of infection and disease, as well as, theorized knowledge of how to safely deliver the scopes of practice in each respective license. The state law test raises awareness of public safety and state-specific requirements. Our licensing services help promote consumer protection by informing the public that applicants have proven and demonstrated the knowledge to control the spread of infection and disease by properly following infection control procedures. Our inspection services perform licensing, infection control, and consumer complaint-based inspections of licensed salons to ensure compliance with laws and regulations enacted for consumer protection.

What We Don't Do

• Oversee or regulate any services that do not fall under the scope of cosmetology.
• Investigate complaints based on quality and/or design of services or the technical competency of an individual.
• Interfere with or have jurisdiction over monetary discrepancies between licensees, clients, salon establishment owners, school establishments, and/or school establishment owners.
• Supersede law enforcement in situations of illegal activity, theft, assault/battery, etc.
• Recommend or endorse salon establishments for client services or employment.
• Recommend or endorse school establishments.
• Release licensee personal information to the public.
• Release licensee work locations to the public.

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