Letter of Credit

If you have hours from a previous enrollment at a school in Nevada, those hours may be transferrable towards a new enrollment. Previous hours determined to be able to be used towards a new program are submitted to the school of your choosing through requesting a Letter of Credit. The Letter of Credit allows the school to credit those hours towards your enrollment at the school.

Hours from an incomplete enrollment are valid for 4 years from the last date of attendance. If your prior hours meet the 4-year requirement, contact the school you wish to enroll in to inquire about their policies regarding accepting a Letter of Credit from the Board.

Incomplete hours obtained over the 4-year mark from the last date of attendance are considered expired and cannot be used. If your prior hours have passed the 4-year requirement, you must complete the full required amount of hours to complete your program.

Click on the Student Resources button to access the Letter of Credit Request Form.

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