School Law & Regulation Information

The laws and regulations that enforce consumer protection are the Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 644A and Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 644A.
The laws and regulations are approved by the Nevada State Legislature, the Board Members contribute to the democratic process by formally addressing complaints, violation appeals, law and regulation revision reviews, and determining proper disciplinary action for unsafe practices at Board Meetings.
If you are interested in formally addressing the Board to review a law or regulation, appeal a violation, or for any other reason please complete the Petition to Appear Before the Board.

Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code pertaining to Schools of Cosmetology

NRS 644A.700        

Application for license; determinations by Board; fee; new license required for operation after change in ownership or location; approval of changes in physical structure of school by Board; regulations.

NRS 644A.705        

Evidence of personal integrity and moral responsibility of applicant; designation of person authorized to accept service of notice from Board and transact business.

NRS 644A.710         

Display of license.

NRS 644A.715         

Fee for each student to be paid to Board.

NRS 644A.720       

Surety bonds; payment plans; regulations.


NRS 644A.725        

Board to take action to enable schools to receive federal financial assistance.

NRS 644A.730        

Certain cosmetological establishments deemed schools of cosmetology.

NRS 644A.735        

Staff of instructors.

NRS 644A.740       

Supervision; equipment, courses, records and other requirements; disclaimer required by certain schools regarding instruction offered.

NRS 644A.745        

Minimum amount of instruction required before student commences work on public.

NRS 644A.750        

Restrictions on advertisement of work of students on public for pay.

NRS 644A.755        

Unconscionable contracts with students.


Minimum requirements for space and accommodations.


Minimum requirements for equipment.


Filing of standard contract, rules and financial forms with Board.


Registration of students with Board.


Registrar: Appointment; duties.


Instruction of students by licensed instructors; requirement for students to wear badges; limitation on practice by students.


Administration and maintenance of time records.


Preparation and maintenance of final time records.


Curriculum for cosmetologists; exemption for barbers in certain circumstances; credit for attending field trips.


Curriculum for hair designers; credit for attending field trips.


Curriculum for estheticians; credit for attending field trips.


Curriculum for nail technologists; credit for attending field trips.


Curriculum for provisional instructors and student instructors.


Transfer of credit hours.


Recesses and breaks.


Prohibition against requiring students to purchase supplies for use in course of study.


Prohibition against deducting earned credit as punishment.


Advertising; display of sign stating services performed by students.


Schools located within the Department of Corrections.