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School Portal to NVCOSMO

School administrative functions related to student account management is performed on NVCOSMO. NVCOSMO is the Board's licensing system that school administrators use to enroll, complete/withdraw, enter practical test results, and schedule for the theory and law test with the Board each and every student at the school. Administrators and designated school staff can find how-to guides and information on various processes within the school portal. All processes can be found outlined in the
School Portal Guide.

School portal processes have been broken down into two categories: Student based processes and Administrative processes. Below you can find information on both types of processes.

Student-Based Processes

• Student Enrollment
​• Completion & Withdrawal
​• Submitting Practical Scores
​• Schedule Student Testing

Administrative Processes

•Manage Instructors
•Law Book Purchases
​•Felony Conviction Review
​•Gainful Employment Information Request

Each school can assign 3 or more administrators to access the School Portal. Processes like Students Enrollments, Completions/Withdrawals, Student Testing, Instructor Maintenance, and Law Book purchases can be completed via the school portal. The following links will take you to the Step-by-Step guide on the specific NV Cosmo school portal processes. All processes can be found within the School Portal Guide. Please visit our NVCOSMO Support page to find out which staff to contact for support.

Would you like to schedule an in-school training or information session with Board staff? Email to coordinate a visit.

Click on the School Admin Resources button to access the NVCOSMO School Portal User Guide.

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