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Felony Conviction Review

The Board requires that each felony conviction is reviewed and approved by the Executive Director prior to enrollment in to a program, for all violent felonies formal Board review is required.  While it is very rare, we'd hate to have a student enroll who could not reach their ultimate goal of licensure.  Equally if a student is convicted of a felony during their course of enrollment; that information must also be reviewed and approved by the Board Executive Director. 

Required Documentation

• A Final Court Order is needed for applicants with a felony.  If a Final Court Order is not available, we need the initial Court Order and the current status of the applicant completing requirements in the Court Order (from the court).
• The applicant must write a letter explaining the incident and what they have learned. 
• If the applicant is on Parole/Probation, the applicant must submit a letter of the applicant's current status from the applicable state agency or probation officer in charge of applicant's rehabilitation.
• If the applicant committed a VIOLENT FELONY or a crime that involved a weapon,  the applicant will be required to attend a formal Board hearing for review of their application. 

Click on the School Admin Resources button to access the Felony Document Submission Form.

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