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Out of Country Reciprocity FAQs

Out of Country Training FAQ

What documents are required when submitting my out of country reciprocity application?

The documents you will need to submit for approval are as follows:
-ID Card or Driver’s License
-Complete Passport Book
-Social Security Card or ITIN Documents
-Proof of Training (Beauty School Transcripts with a Breakdown of Hours, from the Regulatory Agency in your Country.
-Proof of Licensing (If Applicable)
-Any name change documents (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Citizenship Documents, etc)

These documents can be submitted in our offices or via the online Individual Application (option G)

Out of Country Training FAQ

Do the documents need to be translated to English?

Yes. All documents must be translated to English if the documents were not originally issued in English.

Interpreter/translation services may be obtained for a fee. You may visit Nevada Court's website for a Interpreters Roster or you may call on the the services below:

Las Vegas- 8th District Court Interpreters-702-671-4578
Reno- The Language Connection-775-323-7883
Reno- Nevada Hispanic Services-775-826-1818
Reno- University of Nevada Reno Language Bank-775-784-7515 ext: 227

Out of Country Training FAQ

Where is it acceptable to have my documents translated? Can a friend or family member translate my documents?

No. Documents must be translated by a court-approved translator. A friend or family member or other individual fluent in English and your language will not be approved to translate your documents. Documents translated by any individual who is not a court-approved translator will not be accepted.

Out of Country Training FAQ

After I submit my documents, how long does the review process take?

Out of country documents will be reviewed within 5-10 business days. In some special cases, the review and approval time may take longer.

Out of Country Training FAQ

Can I use my out of country schooling from Vietnam to obtain a license in Nevada?

No. Applicants with training from schools in Vietnam will not be accepted. Training for cosmetology services in Vietnam is not equivalent to the training required in the state of Nevada. These individuals will need to complete a program at a licensed school of cosmetology in Nevada or at a school within the United States recognized by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology.

Out of Country Training FAQ

What if I did not obtain enough hours from my out of country schooling? Can some of my hours be credited towards completing school in Nevada?

All of the documents provided will be reviewed. If it is determined that more training is needed, a certain amount of hours may be credited towards completing a program in Nevada. This determination will be made on a case by case basis based on the training and experience of each out of country applicant.

Out of Country Training FAQ

Am I still required to take any tests if I have a license from another country?

All approved out of country applicants will be required to take all three (3) exams. The practical, theory, and law exams must be completed and passed to obtain a license when applying from out of country.

Out of Country Training FAQ

I have a license in another country. Can I get a permit to work in Nevada?

We do not issue a permit to work for reciprocity. It is a violation of Nevada Cosmetology Law for any out of country licensee to practice cosmetology services in Nevada prior to obtaining your Nevada Cosmetology license.

Out of Country Training FAQ

I have a cosmetology license in my country, but I have only completed 100 hours of training for nail technology and only 100 hours are listed for nail technology on my transcripts. Can I still get a cosmetology license?

No. A cosmetologist license cannot be issued to you since the hours listed for nail technology are not equivalent to the Nevada requirements. You may get an esthetician license and/or a hair designer license if the hours meet our requirements.

Out of Country Training FAQ

How many hours are required for me to have from my country?

However many hours your course in your country were for, every country is different. We will review your hours and documents to determine if your training and education is equivalent to what is required in Nevada

Out of Country Training FAQ

Can I bring in my diplomas?

No. We would require a complete breakdown of the hours accrued in the course from the school that was attended. A breakdown would include the total amount of hours and details of what subjects were practiced/studied to obtain the total amount of hours. Diplomas can be included in the documents submitted for review, but a diploma alone will not be sufficient proof of training.

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