Services Under a Physician's Supervision

How is an esthetician different from a cosmetologist?

A person who holds a cosmetology license has graduated from a Board-approved school of cosmetology and has been trained to perform hair, skin and nail services. A person who holds an esthetician license has trained only in skin services and may not perform hair or nail services.

Before undergoing any beauty service, ask to see your technician’s cosmetologist or esthetician license. Our law requires that licenses be posted at the technician’s workstation in plain view of the public.

Consumer Beware! There is no such thing as a lash certification in the state of Nevada. All lash services must be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician--no exceptions.

What services may an esthetician perform?

In Nevada, the practice of esthetics is defined broadly to include:

• Beautifying, massaging, cleansing or stimulating the skin of the body
• Facials
• Microdermabrasion
• Applying cosmetics and eyelashes
• Lash extensions
• Lash perming
• Spray tanning
•Tinting, perming and lightening hair on the body
• Lash perming
• Eyebrow tinting
• Removing superfluous hair from the body
• Sugaring
• Waxing
• Tweezing

Banned Chemicals

Any person holding a license in cosmetology or esthetics may not use any product that has been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.).

Other banned substances and chemicals include:

• Carbolic Acid
• Corrosive Sublimates (including derivatives and compounds)
• Products that contain mercury.
• Found in products that claim to have skin lightening or anti-aging abilities.
• Resorcinol
• Found in some acne medications
• Any corrosive substance for the purpose of peeling skin

Out of Scope Services/ Invasive Procedures

An invasive procedure is an act or service that affects the structure or function of the skin other than the uppermost layers of the skin. Nevada law prohibits the use of these products in esthetic services.

Invasive Procedures Include:

• Applying electricity to the skin to contract a muscle
• Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NES)
• Lotions, creams or other tonics that affect more than the uppermost layers of skin
• Retinol
• Penetration of the skin by needles
• Microneedling- Regulated by SNHD
• Implantation of permanent pigment into the skin
• Tattooing-Regulated by SNHD
• Abrasion of skin below the uppermost layers
• Injectable fillers (Botox)
• Callus removal using an instrument with a sharp blade, edge or point
• Cheese graters on feet
• X-Ray machines for the purpose of removing body hair
• Laser Hair Removal and Other Gray Area Services

Invasive procedures and services like laser hair removal are not within an esthetician’s scope of practice. If your technician is a licensed esthetician, he or she must be working under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Be wary of people advertising as “master estheticians” or “medical estheticians”, there is no such designation in Nevada. The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology has no jurisdiction over gray area services and cannot guarantee that your technician has had the appropriate training or supervision to perform the service safely.

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