Administrative Processes

Instructor Management


Select the "Manage Instructor" tab in the dashboard.


To add an instructor enter the Instructors license number then select "Add Instructor."


To remove an Instructor select "Remove" next to the Instructors name.

NRS 644A.735 Staff of instructors 

Each school of cosmetology shall maintain a staff of at least two licensed instructors and one additional licensed instructor for each 25 enrolled students, or major portion thereof, over 50 students. A school of cosmetology must have at least two licensed instructors present and teaching at any time while the school is open. Persons instructing pursuant to provisional licenses issued pursuant to NRS 644A.415 are considered instructors for the purposes of this section.

 (Added to NRS by 1985, 1850; A 1987, 13141989, 13191991, 2061) — (Substituted in revision for NRS 644.395)

NRS 644A.740 (1) Supervision; equipment, courses, records and other requirements; disclaimer required by certain schools regarding instruction offered.

      1. A school of cosmetology must at all times be under the immediate supervision of a licensed instructor who has had practical experience in an established place of business for at least 1 year in the practice of a majority of the branches of cosmetology taught at the school of cosmetology.

NAC 644.105 (1 (a)(b), (4) Instructors; badges; limitation on practice by certain students. (NRS 644.110644.395644.408)

     1. A school of cosmetology:

     (a) Shall maintain a staff of licensed instructors who are competent to give instruction in all subjects of its curriculum, including, without limitation, the subjects required by regulation of the Board.

     (b) Shall not use a licensed student instructor as a student operator.

     4. No instructor in a licensed school of cosmetology may, during the hours in which he or she is on duty as an instructor, devote his or her time to the public or to the private practice of cosmetology for compensation. Each instructor shall devote the instructor’s full time during the hours he or she is on duty as an instructor to instructing students.

     [Bd. of Cosmetology, No. 20.4, eff. 12-3-80; A 10-15-81] — (NAC A 3-26-82; 11-18-82; R099-97, 2-25-98; R092-06, 9-18-2006; R030-08, 9-18-2008; R064-15,12-21-2015)

Law Book Purchases

The most current law book can be purchased for $10.  Lawbook orders can be shipped by postal mail or have pickup arranged at either our Las Vegas or Reno offices.  You can also find a digital copy of both NRS and NAC online via
A step-by-Step guide to purchase law books from the School Portal is located below.


Select Order Law Book tab in the dashboard.


Enter the quantity and shipping information and select Purchase.


Enter payment information and process payment.

Felony Conviction Review

The Board requires that each felony conviction is reviewed and approved by the Executive Director prior to enrollment in to a program, for all violent felonies formal Board review is required.  While it is very rare, we'd hate to have a student enroll who could not reach their ultimate goal of licensure.  Equally if a student is convicted of a felony during their course of enrollment; that information must also be reviewed and approved by the Board Executive Director. 

Required Documentation


A Final Court Order is needed for applicants with a felony.  If a Final Court Order is not available, we need the initial Court Order and the current status of the applicant completing requirements in the Court Order (from the court).


The applicant must write a letter explaining the incident and what they have learned. 


If the applicant is on Parole/Probation, the applicant must submit a letter of the applicant's current status from the applicable state agency or probation officer in charge of applicant's rehabilitation.


If the applicant committed a VIOLENT FELONY or a crime that involved a weapon,  the applicant will be required to attend a formal Board hearing for review of their application. 
Felony review and approval is required prior to enrollment!

Gainful Employment Information Request

This online form request is for schools that are searching for former student work location information. Students must have a Student-Employer Notification Release form signed and uploaded to NVCOSMO before any work location information will be provided.